Special LIGHTS OUT events Thursday, October 19th from 7PM to 10PMĀ  & Monday, October 30th from 7PM to 11PM.

LIGHTS OUT NIGHT means the freaks have gained control and shut off the power to the Asylum. It’s pitch black, but don’t worry – your group of 3 or fewer will share a single sorry excuse for a flashlight as you make your way through the freaks and fiends roaming the halls of Baldwin Asylum. This experience is ideally suited to small groups with very little light – we will be strict with groups using cell phone flashlights or other light emitting devices, and cheaters may be asked to leave! All groups will be given extra time to make their way through the Asylum, so plan on longer lines for those brave enough to make the attempt. For any questions about this event, please contact us via Facebook or email.

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